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Head of ADS Agency prepared a new article for the Marketers Guild on the topic: High-quality recruiting of respondents = long-term profit of the company. What is the relationship between high-quality respondent recruiting and long-term company profit? https://www.marketologi.ru/publikatsii/stati/4433/


ADS Article, Business case for respondent recruitment

Why is recruiting respondents such a time-consuming process or

what all the stages of high-quality selection of participants consist of? https://inspirationfeed.com/why-recruiting-respondents-is-such-a-time-consuming-process/


We hasten to inform you that a script for online research has been developed in ADS. This script allows you to automate the recruitment processes on online projects and reduce the time for selecting respondents. Another undoubted advantage of this script is that it will allow you to pay remuneration to respondents much more quickly, since we can quickly filter out the completed IDs. Using this script, we will be able to promptly inform you of information about a respondent or unload it if necessary, since we will have access to all information about the respondent, including the ID immediately in status.


The first respondent recruiting agency was 6 years old, ADS entered the market at the peak of the crisis in 2013, but despite this, the Agency managed to firmly occupy the niche of a highly specialized recruiting agency. We do not stop improving our experience in selecting respondents and come up with more and more algorithms for selecting quality participants, despite the fact that sometimes respondents who are not suitable for research manage to get on it with all sorts of methods. More recently, ADS introduced a set of Facebook respondents using potential customers, for example, you click on an ad that interests you, and when you click, your contact and identification information is automatically entered, in the future our employee may contact you and offer To participate in the study we use this method as one of our comprehensive methods.


The head of the ADS Agency prepared: “A case for the Guild of Marketers, how the ADS Agency and Kaspersky Lab made participation in research more comfortable using the feedback questionnaire” https://www.marketologi.ru/news/Case-Competition/4233/

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