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Company Project: Avito. TA: Clients of the Company.

Recruiting respondents of the company's clients: Avito. Usability testing.

Difficulties of the project:

Recruitment methodology: Terms of work were: 3 working days. To select respondents for each target audience, we used different methods and additional questions from our side to make sure that the respondent fully met the criteria. We used our own database, Avito's website, a snowball, a third-party database of respondents.

Full description of the sample:

"Resale" - a person is engaged in the resale of goods on Avito (with Aliexpress, joint purchases or something similar), sells at least 20 goods per month. There are regular customers who came through Avito, notifies them when a new product arrives, tells in detail all the necessary information, additionally sends photos. Have experience in selling goods with delivery (courier, taxi, blablacar, postamat, Russian post) - 1 person. “Self-realization” - mommy (small child), housewife/freelancer - through Avito sells goods of its own production (postcards, paintings, photo albums, ...), buys things on Avito (bought more than 10 things on Avito) - 1 person. “Family shopping” - a married couple who makes purchases on Avito together (over the past year they bought at least 5 things on Avito (these can be personal items, furniture, a car ...), separately or together they are looking for goods on Avito, they must send each other's links to an advertisement for discussion online (in any chat room), (invite someone who is more involved in communication with sellers for an interview) - 1 person. "For business" - a private entrepreneur, buys inventory/equipment for business on Avito - 1 person. “Joint sale” - a married couple sells things together on Avito (for example, leftover materials after repair), most likely under one account (at least 4 things were sold in the last year), organizes the transfer of the goods to the one who is more comfortable, it is important that the buyer buying a product in communication intersects with several persons (for an interview to invite the one who implements all agreements ("responsible for the transaction") - 1 person.

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