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Completed project for the company "Moyo Delo" (Service for accounting).

Completed a project for the company "Moyo Delo" (Service for accounting). ADS recruited experts for interviews, target audience, and recruiting criteria:

  1. Business owner/co-founder (LLC)

  2. Field of activity - trade in non-food products

  3. Is not a financial director/accountant at the moment and has not held these positions before

  4. Income of the bussiness - from 5 million per month

  5. The company maintains management accounting at the moment - by management accounting, we mean the presence in the company of a single document in which there is all the data on the organization's activities, including black income and expenses. The company sees the real picture and based on this plans its activities, draws up a budget.

We are very pleased that we recruited and, in turn, helped Moyo Delo find such an elusive target audience for their research and that the respondents agreed to give interviews on such confidential topics. Also wanted to celebrate. that this is one of the most difficult projects over the past year.

You can familiarize yourself with the feedback on the quality of work on the customer reviews tab.

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