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In ADS we have a successful department of searching and choosing volunteers for bioequivalent researches. Agency also provides temporary personnel selection for researches.


How we cooperate with our clients

You send us an inquiry.
We start recruiting process:


  1. We send you project information every day.

  2. We execute preliminary phone volunteer screening.

  3. Then we control respondents to come to research in time

  4. If respondent refuses participation we quickly replace him.

  5. Before debriefing we send You a list of respondents.

Our strong points:

  1. Instantaneous answer on your inquiry! You get information of volunteers selection service prices and terms without any delay.

  2. Company has many data basis. It helps us to supply clients’ projects with any amount of healthy volunteers as soon as possible! 

  3. Guaranteed and timely replacing of volunteer in case of his absence or discrepancy with screening choosing stage.

  4. The head of our agency oversees all your projects, you may directly contact him anytime and discuss any question. 

  5. We do not demand prepayment, you pay only for the volunteers that take part in research and that correspond all the requirements.

  6. Your employees will be free of stressed work, so productivity of your business will increase! 

  7. The most important: giving us a project you may relax remembering it is being provided by the Professionals!
    Before the interview we send you a list of volunteers, control their arriving at a research, we may even take care of paying their fees.


Cooperating with us you will be free of the following duties:

  1. Searching of volunteers for research process organization.

  2. Formulation and setting tasks to the recruiters and controlling correctness of its implementation.

  3. Work progress control.

  4. Making up supernumerary employees payment sheets according to the results of project work.

The most significant realized projects: 

Nurses and volunteers selection for bioequivalent research:

Client – Research center:
Municipal independent organization «Central city clinic hospital of Reutov city» (MIO «CCCH  of Reutov city »)
Address: 143960, Moscow region, Reutov city, Lenin street, 2а.

Researched medication:


   1.  Tiratol/levitiracetam/(manufacturer – “Polpharma” plant) 1000 mg/ antiepileptic/
Comparator: Keppra/ levitiracetam /( manufacturer  - USB, Belgium) 1000 mg/ antiepileptic /
2 cohorts of volunteers consequentially took part in the research. 

   2. Gliformin  Prolong/metformin/ (manufacturer  “Akhrikhin” plant) 1000 mg/ antidiabetic agent/
Keppra/ metformin (manufacturer  Merk, France) 1000 mg/ antidiabetic agent/
Preparation has been existing in russian market for 15 years more, has passed all the probations and preclinical researches.
2 cohorts of volunteers consequentially took part in the research. 


   3. Memantin – Auraneks (manufacturer- “Polpharma” JSC, Poland) and Akatinol Memantin preparation comparative study research. 
2 cohorts of volunteers consequentially took part in the research. 

   4. Crossover trial of comparative pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence of Vanateks Combi and Co-Diovan preparations. Involving healthy volunteers.

   5. Crossover trial of comparative pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence of Acetazolamide –Acri  and Diacarb preparations. Involving healthy volunteers.

   6. «Open» random crossover trial of comparative pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence of Lazewun (Celon Pharma Sp. z.о.о. Poland) and Combivir (Glackso Operations Great Britain Limited).
Involving healthy volunteers.