ADS has been realizing projects for researches since 2013. Here the projects with the most complex target audience are presented. You can check out other projects on the “Portfolio” page by clicking the left button.

Why the budget and quality of respondents recruiting are interdependent things.

03 Dec 2019

The head of the ADS Agency has provided an article to the New Retail magazine on a subject: Why the budget and quality of respondents recruiting are interdependent things.

In this article is described how competently to estimate the complexity of respondent selection for your research and to count the budget for selection. How does the European mentality differs from Russian when recruiting the respondent.

A Project of the LLC Moye Delo. Target Audience: Business Owners / Cofounders. The business turnover - from 5 million per month

15 May 2018

Target audience: Business Owners / Cofounders. Selection of 20 experts. Carrying out method: Interview. Terms of recruiting were: 7 working days.

Criteria: a field of activity - trade in nonfoods and a services sector. The respondent isn't the financial director / accountant at the moment and didn't hold these positions earlier. Turnover of business - from 5 million a month. In the company management accounting at the moment is kept - we understand as management accounting existence in the company of the uniform document in which all data on activity of the organization, including “black income” and expenses are flown down, the company sees a real picture and on the basis of it plans the activity, makes the budget.

A project of the Alfa-Bank Company. Target Audience: The Alfa-Bank clients and potential clients.

23 Jan 2018

Target audience: Alfa-Bank clients and potential clients. Selection of 10 experts. Carrying out method: Usability testing. Terms of recruiting were: 5 working days. The complexity of the project consisted in recruiting of clients Alfa-Bank with defined option packages: Maximum, the Optimum, Comfort.

Criteria: 10 people;

Age: 20-45 years;

M/F uniform distribution;

5 people potential Alfa-Bank clients;

5 people the Alfa-Bank clients;

2 users are served on a package of services "Comfort";

2 users are served on a package of services "Optimum";

1 user are served on a package of services "Maximum";

Description of positions:

The manager - various managers


The sales assistant - various sellers and all consultants

General workers are drivers, nurses, masters, workers, mechanics, etc. 

A project of the Kasepersky Laboratory Company.

07 Apr 2014

 Target Audience: Which IT administrator participation in process of Patch Management belongs to duties

IT administrators recruiting for passing a usability testing at office of Laboratory. Number from 6 to 12 experts. Duration of the test is 2 hours. Terms of selection: 4-5 working days


IT administrators to whose duties participation in process of Patch Management (preparation, the analysis, stenting and installation of updates), experience of 1 year required.

Not familiar with Kaspersky Security Center.

Experience with one of the programs is necessary:

  1. MS SCCM or Intune,

  2. Landesk,

  3. Kaseya,

  4. Symantec Altiris,

  5. Absolute Software,

  6. IBM Tivoli,

  7. Dell Kace,

  8. BMC Software

Avito Project. Target Audience: Company’s clients.

12 Jun 2017

Recruiting the clients of the company: Avito. Usability testing. In total was recruited: 6 respondents. Terms of work were: 3 working days. The complexity of the project consisted in the division on under segments, namely:

  1. Re-seller- the person is engaged in a resale of goods on Avito (with Aliexpress, joint purchases or something similar), sell from 20 goods per month. There are regular customers who have come through Avito, notifies them at the receipt of new goods, in detail tells all necessary information, in addition, throws off photos. There is an experience of the sale of goods with delivery (the courier, the taxi, блаблакар, the automatic post office, Russian Post) - 1 person

  2. Own products seller - mummy (small child), the housewife/freelancer - realizes goods of own production through Avito (cards, pictures, photo albums, …), buys things on Avito (more than 10 things I have bought on Avito) - 1 person

  3. "Family purchases" - the married couple, shops on Avito in common (for the last year have bought not less than 5 things on Avito (it can be personal belongings, furniture, the car …) separately or together look for goods on Avito, surely throw off each other references to the announcement for discussion online (in any chat), (to invite the one who is shipped in communication with sellers to a large extent to an interview) - 1 person

  4. "For business" - the private businessman, buys on Avito the stock/equipment for business - 1 person

  5. "Joint sale" - married couple sells on Avito of a thing together (for example, the remain materials after repair), most likely under one account (not less than 4 things have sold for the last year), the one to whom it is more convenient will organize transfer of goods, it is important that the buyer upon the purchase of goods in communication is crossed with several people (to invite the one who carries out all arrangements ("responsible for the transaction") to an interview - 1 person.​

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