We introduce paperless screeners for your convenience

We introduce paperless screeners for your convenience, now we recruit respondents or experts, proceeding from your inquiry and we provide a full data of respondents together with answers to screening questions, namely: You write request for recruiting to our mail in a free form, we inform you about the recruiting price and time which will be required to conduct it then we make a screener in an online document (Excel table format), and at repeated screening of the respondent we enter his answers in this table and we send you the link together with the schedule and necessary data on the respondent.

It will allow your company to lower operational costs of expendables and service, will give the chance to plan the company’s budget more convenient. It is known that a significant part of the company budget is spent on the paper screener in a year.


  1. Saving time for printing “screeners” before a research.

  2. The economy of paper expenses.

  3. Respondent’s data is in one table, it is enough to open it and to see all answers of the respondent.

  4. It is much easier to find one table with all respondents in the mail, than to look for each respondent’s screener.

  5. You will make a contribution to a resources consumption as the paper is a difficult thing for recycling.

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