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The recruiting agency and the marketing companies are providing the panels to respondents...

The recruiting agency and the marketing companies are providing the panels to respondents, in some distinctions when recruiting respondents.

It doesn’t matter if it is an internal or remote research, ADS is screening each respondent by phone. That is beside the automatic screening selection questionnaire which the respondent fills out and following the results of which he passes or is excluded from primary selection, ADS specialists are screening each respondent by a phone call.

If the expert has doubts during communication with the respondent, for instance, the respondent does not necessarily answer questions connected directly with a subject, the respondent doesn't answer to a decent question posed connected with the experience of a product consumption - he isn't allowed prior to participating in the research. Thus the respondent undergoes two-level screening, not only selection in an electronic format as when recruiting at the marketing agencies of the respondents providing panels, and telephone live selection following the results of which always the expert makes the analysis of communication with the respondent, if at the expert arise screening of doubt subsequently whether then this record is listened by the head of department of recruiting and on the basis of the experience makes the decision to allow given to respondents prior to a research.

We have an opportunity to obtain reliable data based on such screening as a basis for decision-making at the exit.

The recruiting Agency carries out a selection of respondents of any type of researches, online tests, and live researches when the respondent directly comes to the territory of the client with the purpose to participate in an interview or focus group.

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