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ADS introduces a new system for sending survey participants' data

ADS is introducing a new system for sending survey participants' data. Now we immediately create a Google spreadsheet for the project and give you access to it, you can track the set of respondents for your project online. Everyone who has the link will have access to the spreadsheet, so it will be easy to send information to your colleagues by simply sending them the link.

You can leave comments on respondents in a special column at the end of the spreadsheet, as well as clarify various questions in the online chat. As soon as we have a suitable respondent for your project, we will enter it into the spreadsheet, all changes, for example, replacements, you can also see by going to the spreadsheet before the survey. Additionally, we will inform you about the recruitment of the group and replacements. It is convenient to view the Google spreadsheet from both a computer and a smartphone, which adds mobility. We hope that our innovation will be convenient for you and will make the process of obtaining data more efficient.

You can see an example by following this link.

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