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European platform Incling and ADS recruiting respondents for a 3-day diary survey

Incling is a European platform for digital solutions that provide in-depth knowledge and solve a variety of business problems.


It is difficult for European companies to find respondent recruiting agencies in Russia that will perform high-quality recruiting and indicate an acceptable cost, as well as take on a separate and most time-consuming part of the study, namely, recruiting respondents.

A task

Recruiting 10 respondents, consumers of goods of everyday demand (beer) to fill out their diaries for three days. Control over the fulfillment of tasks from respondents at all stages of the study. Payment of remuneration.


We recruited respondents:

  • using our own database with a confirmation request from respondents.

All respondents underwent double screening to record the conversation, during the screening we used our own developed additional questions to accurately determine the respondent's belonging to the target audience. Also, all respondents sent a photo of the product with a leaflet on which it was necessary to write the date and the phrase "for the survey", this was done so that we were sure that the photo was real and that Photoshop was not used. When recruiting, we tried to make the maximum diversity of respondents according to the allotted quota.

Despite the stock of several respondents from the company, we tried our best to ensure the required number of participants and to make the risks of failure minimal, for this we adjusted one additional respondent to account for our budget so that even if someone refuses before reaching the end (human factor and we must predict it), we have not lost the main amount. All respondents were also warned in advance that the payment of remuneration is carried out only after passing all the stages and at the end of the third day, in case no one refused to participate in the middle of the study.

For the client, we have developed a status containing full information about the respondents in English. The status was updated in real-time, the client could leave a comment or clarification on any of the respondents. The client also had access to a full list of applications from other respondents, they were available in case the client did not worry that the recruitment had begun and was actively proceeding.


  1. One of the difficulties was in communication with the client since the client speaks and conducts correspondence only in English, and if we used the Google translator for correspondence, then to resolve operational issues we could not contact the client by phone (foreign number, language barriers, difference in time).

  2. Great responsibility in the implementation of the project.

A high level of expectation for the agency as a specialist in its niche.

3. The terms of the study were initially moved by the client for a month, at the moment when we had already adjusted the required number of participants, however, we moved the respondents to the new dates of the study at the client's request, we did it promptly and absolutely free of charge, despite the fact that not all respondents were able to move the dates of participation, we made replacements of such participants later.

The cost

The project cost: 60,000 rubles, with a sample of 10 respondents for a three-day diary study.


We closed this project with an excellent result. Thanks to control and motivation, we ensured that all respondents reached the end and fully completed the tasks of all days of the study. Throughout our cooperation, we kept in touch with the client, we were always open to solving emerging issues or problems.

Result: our cooperation. We are very glad that we managed to implement the project in a high- quality manner and to made ourselves a name in the eyes of the client.

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