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Recruiting agency and marketing companies - what's the difference?

Recruiting agency and marketing companies providing respondent panels, what's the difference in recruiting respondents?

Whether it's face-to-face or remote, ADS will screen each respondent over the phone. That is in addition to the automatic screening selection questionnaire, which the respondent fills out and based on which he passes or does not pass the initial selection, the ADS specialists screen each respondent on the phone.

If a specialist in the course of communication with a respondent has doubts, namely, the respondent does not confidently answer questions related directly to the topic of the research, the respondent does not immediately answer the questions posed related to the experience of consuming the product, if doubts arise, he is not allowed to the research. Thus, the respondent undergoes a two-level screening, not only selection in electronic format, as in recruiting from marketing agencies that provide the panel of respondents, but a live telephone selection based on the results of which the specialist always analyzes the communication with the respondent; the head of the recruiting department and, based on his experience, decides whether to allow the given respondent to the study

Based on such screening, we have the opportunity to obtain reliable data at the output, which you take as a basis when making a decision.

The Recruiting Agency selects respondents for all types of research, this is both online testing and live research when the respondent comes directly to the client's territory in order to take part in an interview or focus group.

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