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We are introducing paperless screeners

For your convenience, we are introducing paperless screeners, now we recruit respondents or experts based on your request and provide complete data of respondents along with answers to screening questions, namely: You write a recruiting request in a free form to our mail, we inform you about the cost of recruiting and the time we need for it, then, based on your request, we compose a screener in electronic form (in an Excel spreadsheet), and when re-screening a respondent, we enter his answers in this spreadsheet and send you along with the schedule and the necessary data about the respondent.

This will allow your company to reduce operating costs for consumables and services and will make it possible to more accurately plan the company's budget since it is no secret for everyone that a significant part of the company's budget is spent on paper screens.


  1. Saving time for printing screeners before testing.

  2. Saving paper costs.

  3. All data on the respondent is in one table, just open it and see all the respondent's answers to the questions.

  4. One spreadsheet with all respondents is much easier to find in the mail than to search for screeners for each respondent.

  5. You will contribute to resource consumption as the paper is difficult to recycle.

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