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We would like to introduce you the head of the ADS recruiting department, Elena Tavitskaya

We would like to acquaint you more closely with the head of the recruiting department of ADS, Elena Tavitskaya, she will tell you what pitfalls were encountered when starting work in this area and what path has been passed since the ADS entered the market, you will know under whose leadership your projects are being carried out. Elena has been working from the very beginning of the Agency's foundation, led the most complex recruiting projects, under her leadership, more than 2,000 Russian and foreign projects have been implemented, she carries out about 300 projects annually, she is responsible for high-quality recruiting for you, a pioneer in the field of respondent recruiting.

My name is Elena. I graduated from the Academy of Social Management (ASOU), "Organization Management". Education, in this case, helped my further implementation in the field of management process in the company.

In 2009, the question arose of finding my craft and field of activity, and my classmate offered me a job as a recruiter in the selection of respondents in the field of marketing research. I had never heard of such a field before, but it became very interesting for me to learn more about it, and the more I learned, the sooner I wanted to try. A small, so to speak, "inhibiting" factor for me was the fact that having received a job offer in the field of research, I simultaneously received a job offer at VNIIGAZ, which, of course, put me into doubts - on the one hand, work in an interesting field, on the other large and well-known company. But after contemplating I gave preference to the field of marketing research, as I thought that in this area I could find and realize myself and in the end I never regretted it!

Initially, it was very difficult: a large flow of new information, work with people, which implies resistance to stress, managing a large number of projects at the same time (up to 30 projects), work in an irregular schedule, since the project could be sent any day and at any time of the day. But I had a great desire and desire to become a specialist in this area, so I perceived all the hardships as a temporary phenomenon. And so it happened ... A year later, we managed to expand the team and hire operators to screen the respondents, and later free time for development.

After a while, we stopped taking projects as freelancers and opened an ADS agency, selected operators, trained recruiters, trained everyone independently from scratch and formed our own staff, at the same time carried out projects with high quality and established ourselves in the market.

Now I am the head of the recruiting department, I have come a long way and I am very pleased that I made a choice in favor of this area.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in market research? I like to contribute to the development of the market, I like to carry out interesting projects and select high-quality respondents for them. There is no monotony in this area, constantly different topics, different types of research and different clients). You are constantly scooping up something new for yourself, as well as developing along with the advanced solutions of the market. What's your favorite part of the job? I like to study new projects, the topic of research, I wonder what product is planned to be released on the market, as well as who is required for research. And of course, the final result of the work). Upon completion of the project, we always ask the customer how the project went and wait for feedback. I like to see the positive feedback from the work done, especially if the project was difficult, it is inspiring! Tell us about an interesting project that you recently worked on and why you liked it?

We carried out a project for the British company Lyst. In 3 working days, we needed to recruit buyers of premium clothing for remote video interviews, including the format of usability testing.

It was interesting to have experience of working with a European company, as this was one of the first experiences of cooperation with European clients. Plus, we were able to test our strength in the selection of such a complex target audience and motivate them to take part in the study. This experience gave me even more strength and motivation to move on!

The project was implemented efficiently and on time, our European colleagues were satisfied, as evidenced by the feedback about our cooperation: Feedback from our Colleagues:

Thanks to cooperation with the recruiting agency ADS, the British company Lyst has successfully carried out the first qualitative research on the Russian market. Ilona and her team worked quickly and efficiently, fulfilled all our requirements, and showed flexibility in performing tasks. We are very pleased with the result of our cooperation. Thanks a lot! Anastasia on behalf of Lyst Ltd, London, United Kingdom

What are your professional goals for the next year? Next year, I want to continue growing and training as the head of the recruiting department, developing relationships with clients, as well as following news and trends in research and shaping my own innovations in the field of recruiting respondents together with ADS.

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