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ADS and Kaspersky Lab feedback from respondents

How ADS Agency and Kaspersky Lab using a feedback questionnaire made participation in research more comfortable.

Marketing research companies see the ultimate goal of getting reliable data to improve business performance. A lot of time and effort is spent on the correct compilation of the guide, but one of the most important components of achieving the final goal is practically not taken into account - the respondent's comfort at the stage of participation in the survey. Who else, besides the respondent himself, can tell about his impressions of participation, what he liked and what did not, what information was difficult to understand, and where time flew by unnoticed when performing interesting tasks.

The problem is that many companies do not ask respondents for a feedback (their impressions of the survey), thereby missing out on the opportunity to make the survey more comfortable for the respondent. If, after participating in the study, you collect feedback from respondents, you can analyze them and make adjustments that will help the company in the future. For example, if the respondents report a complicated travel plan, then it will be possible to correct it and thereby exclude the possibility of the respondent being late, since if the respondent is late, then it will be necessary to shorten the research time, minimize the introductory part - acquaintance (which will affect the respondent's location for research ), and the respondent is unlikely to be in the mood after long wanderings. Or, if respondents report tasks that are difficult to understand, then it will be possible to correct them and in the future this will facilitate obtaining the necessary data. Also, respondents can report about the atmosphere during the survey, about physical needs (for example, drinking water), about the interviewer himself, etc. All of this will have a huge impact on research results.

If, in addition to the respondents' answers to the questions posed during the testing, you take into account the moral component, then in the end it is possible to achieve maximum results from the research conducted.

Kaspersky Lab thought about this and asked the ADS Agency to start collecting feedback from respondents.


Creation of a feedback form for respondents, in which they can express their opinion about participation in Kaspersky Lab research.


The first agency for recruiting respondents ADS, together with Kaspersky Lab, compiled a feedback form (questionnaire) for respondents - participants in the research of Kaspersky Lab.

In this questionnaire, we ask to describe the respondents in free form, what they liked and disliked during their participation, for example, tell whether they easily got to the office, how long they had to wait, how they were met, how they communicated during testing, what difficulties arose, etc. The resulting information is collected into a file and sent to colleagues at Kaspersky Lab for analysis.

After analyzing the data, Kaspersky Lab can make changes for future projects, adjust the guide, and improve communication with respondents. Thus, the company does a research within the research.


Difficulties arose in the process of organization. At first, reviews were collected using an email sent to respondents with a request to leave a review, but this method took a lot of time, there were problems with the delivery of letters and the collection took about 5-7 days. Next, it was decided to draw up a form that was sent to respondents along with the address and answers to which we could receive in real-time.

The cost

The time spent on getting feedback is minimal, no additional cash costs are required.


Now the ADS Agency on an ongoing basis after each project collects feedback from research participants for Kaspersky Lab. It usually takes no more than 2 working days to collect reviews, since the desire to leave a review is voluntary and respondents respond in their free time. As practice has shown, respondents are happy to leave feedback, some even ask about the opportunity to leave feedback on their own and specify how this can be done.

At the moment, this is one of the few companies that, after each survey, receives feedback from respondents, this helps it to establish an internal environment, make the process of interaction with the respondent comfortable and understandable for him/her, and as a result, achieve the main goal - to obtain high-quality and reliable information and establish a relationship with future and potential customers.

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