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Pros and cons of recruiting respondents through bloggers

Ilona Metodieva, head of ADS, has prepared a new article for the Guild of Marketers: "Pros and cons of recruiting respondents through bloggers."



In ADS, we recruited respondents for our second service, the first telegram bot to recruit respondents through РекрутСам the service there we were able to find several bloggers for whom we provided introductory promotional materials of our bot. The text of the post talked about what the respondent will receive when subscribing to the bot and what polls are in general.

So let's start with the pros.


1. With the help of the service, we were able to find different bloggers from different niches.

2. You can contact the blogger directly, ask questions.

3. Payment for services can be made directly to the blogger or through a secure transaction

4. The placement of the post is coordinated, and the blogger suggests choosing a convenient time to publish the post, this is convenient since it is better to publish the post after hours.

5. You see your post and see the number of views on it.

Disadvantages of recruiting respondents through bloggers:

  1. A small result, for example, from one paid post worth:5000 rubles subscribed to our bot only:15 people, that is, it is not cost-effective for mass advertising, but if you have a niche research or product, it is worth trying because for a specific survey, and not for a subscription to a bot newsletter, the response should be better.

  2. Quite a big budget. For an advanced blogger , it is:5000 rubles for posting one post.

  3. Average response rates from the spent budget in: 5000 rubles, approximately:15 respondents for mass research. And: 1-2 respondents for our study.

  4. It is important to check the channels where your research will be published manually, otherwise there is a big risk of spending a large budget without getting results, we will describe below how to manually check the telegram channels of bloggers to avoid the possibility of encountering your advertising on channels with bots:

You are planning to advertise in telegram channels of bloggers.

Before publishing, check the channels for cheating bot subscribers, for this you need to go to the official telegram channel analytics service: Telegram Stat channel You enter the name of the blogger's channel on the site in the search box, where you are going to post a paid post, then you are automatically redirected to the statistics of this channel, it is important that the channel is assigned a green label, it says that this channel has been verified and the creator of the channel was not subject to bans and confirmed his contacts. Next, you see the real number of subscribers of the channel, keep a daily influx and outflow of users, pay attention if the outflow exceeds the inflow several times, this means that subscribers are added to the channel using a parser. These are special programs for automatically adding new subscribers to your channel. Ideally, in order to achieve high response rates to your post, we would advise you to search for channels using keywords in telegrams that could help you find an audience. To do this, we simply enter keywords in the telegram search box, for example: sports and see the first three channels, publications on such channels usually cost more, but give more results, since the influx of new audiences is provided by organic traffic, people themselves search for such channels and subscribe to them, the fact that they anchored in the top three in the search is a kind of confirmation. We recommend that when creating your channel, select keywords in the channel name and description and mark the keywords of the description as a rule, these are a couple of words in such quotes # name # in this case, the audience will find you, it is very important to occupy a niche right now so that in the future your channel will be found in organic search in telegram, example: by entering the word recruiting respondents, Telegram will offer you our channels, ADS channel for experts and telegram bot РекрутСам recruiters for the selection of respondents. This is organic traffic. Telegram in this case replaces Google search in some way, and the first three channels will receive free constant traffic, but it is very important to focus on the niche and choose keywords. The first telegram bot for the selection of respondents РекрутСам .

Recruiting respondents without intermediaries in the form of an Agency or recruiter.

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