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Company strategy and recruiting respondents

The head of the ADS Agency prepared an article for the Marketing Guild on the topic: Company strategy and recruiting respondents.

Have you ever wondered why some companies are famous for the quality of their services, while others remain at an average level?

This year, when planning your company's 2022 strategy, be sure to link it to recruiting respondents for your product. Place your bets on high-quality recruiting of respondents and you will see quick results in increasing demand for your product.

If you have a good team of UX specialists and, in your opinion, you are doing everything right, but the demand for the product is not growing, be sure to check if the quality of the recruiting of respondents does not suffer during your research. Often, when forming a budget for recruiting respondents, it is planned to allocate the most minimal funds for it. Why is this so? Until recently, it was generally accepted that the recruiting of respondents in all companies is the same, it is performed by freelancers - recruiters and the search for respondents occurs on popular survey sites, so most companies did not want to overpay for this service. This was until the time when the recruiting of respondents entered a separate niche, and narrowly specialized Agencies appeared. Our professional advice: never cut the budget for recruiting respondents, as a poor quality sample threatens your product with leaving the market in the foreseeable future.

How do you know that your budget for recruiting respondents is objective, you ask?

Our advice is time-tested and quite simple - you need to set a remuneration for respondents at 5% of the value of their salary. For example, the remuneration for a respondent with an income above 100 thousand rubles will cost 5 thousand rubles. In this case, the respondent is ready to take part in the study on a working day without prejudice to his main job. In general, the respondent should be motivated to take time off from work, change his plans, and so on. Most companies keep track of the working time of employees and the absence of a person for a long time at the workplace can be taken into account when calculating wages for that day. And therefore, the respondent should be interested in your remuneration in exchange for lost profit in the workplace.

The quality of services and manufactured products in Russia often suffers from the fact that top management does not understand the importance of research in their company and high-quality recruiting of respondents for these studies. It is necessary that the top management itself be able to assess the objectivity of the allocated budget for recruiting respondents, since often the full budget for the research is brought to the management for approval, and the budget cost that is spent on recruiting as a key cost item when starting the research is not allocated. What is the solution to this situation?

Understanding the key role of recruiting respondents, the research specialist should be able to convey this important message to the guidelines by defining a deliberately objective cost to the selection of research participants. It is important to know objectively that the success of a product is also its success as an expert in the market. Therefore, when forming a budget for the study, allocate the budget for recruiting respondents as a separate service, and not as a complex of the entire study. Evaluate yourself on the spot the respondent with the required income level, asking yourself a question, would you be interested in taking part in your research, would you be motivated by the amount of remuneration, and if yes, then go ahead to the next step. Recruiting respondents is an investment in your product, take it this way and in this case, after just a few studies, you will see the results and success of your product on the market. And the success of your product is your success!

As a negative example, let us cite Mediamarkt, one of the most successful companies in the past selling household appliances. She could not win the race, since the company's savings on recruiting respondents were too large, but in the end it cost this company even more!

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