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Recruiting respondents using partners network.

What results can be achieved, what are the pros and cons?

Now there are various services that can support the ECO environment for your partner base.

They calculate how many times one subscriber has recommended you to his friends and acquaintances. You can track the possibility of "duplication" of the data when one subscriber recommends the same person several times in a row in order to receive a reward. The mechanism of the affiliate network works on the principle of a “bring a friend” pyramid. The undoubted advantage here is that you do not need to replenish your database yourself, you do not need to spend money on advertising, to support the database. New subscribers are brought to you on a regular basis.

One of the significant disadvantages of this method is that often the same person tries to re-recommend those who are already present in your subscriber base. It takes time to check: how many people from each partner came to your database in a month. It is necessary to give feedback to the partner: why this or that subscriber brought by him will not be paid to him. You also check that there are no duplicates no subscribers are in the blacklist of respondents. Next, you take demographic data on subscribers, for example, by asking the subscriber to fill out a short questionnaire about yourself so that you can invite him for the research in the future.

Then after a while, you send an invitation to this participant to fill out a screening questionnaire for your project. And if he comes up - invite him, if not - he expects the next invitation from you.

But the partner who brought you a subscriber gets his reward anyway.

But there may be such an alignment that this subscriber will never take part in any of your studies since it will not meet the criteria. This method is relevant for the possibility of recruiting a complex target audience, and for the selection of participants for mass surveys since from our practice targeting is a valid method for recruiting consumers of goods of everyday demand. And an affiliate program can bring you new subscribers, including experts in "narrow topics". From time to time, partners can be asked to bring you new respondents from a certain field of activity and increase the value of such subscribers. Also, the pluses include the fact that you interact with fresh people without experience in the field of recruiting. These are just ordinary people who are ready to recommend their acquaintances and friends, post information about you on their social network in order to attract new subscribers.

The advantage of working with an affiliate network is that you do not need to cooperate with recruiters and freelancers.

Since in the process of such cooperation, there are always big risks that your project will appear on survey sites, where recruiters will recruit respondents for surveys. And by itself, recruiting through recruiters - freelancers is not productive, since recruiters usually know each other and invite the same people to a survey.

The disadvantages of an affiliate network include the fact that the affiliate network needs to be supported.

Affiliates plan constant workload and you should regularly - monthly allocate a budget in order to pay affiliates a reward for bringing new subscribers to your base. Regardless of the volume of your research projects. If affiliates are not constantly loaded, they will simply unsubscribe from your affiliate network.

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