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Supersound and ADS recruit music lovers for neuroexamination


​Market research

Company, brand

Sberbank and the First Respondent Recruitment Agency ADS


​​2022 — present

The original source

​Sofya Ponamareva, Head of Marketing Research.


​Metodieva Ilona / The company's strategy and recruitment of respondents.

Author - "packer"

Metodieva Ilona




Recruiting respondents for neuroexamination required music lovers using portable equipment worth at least 30 thousand rubles for listening; stationary equipment worth at least 50 thousand rubles.

Sample: 10 respondents.

  • M and W are 25-45 years old.

  • Musical preferences: pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, dance, classical, blues, etc. (be sure to listen to more than 2 directions, so that there is no narrow focus of people);

  • Have no musical education

  • Do not play musical instruments

  • TA 1: Music lovers. They listen 1+ times a week.

  • TA 2: Music lovers. Have a spec. Equipment: headphones, speakers (and can demonstrate) with Hi-Fi sound

The difficulty was in the selection of TA2 "Music lovers":

  • They listen to music every day and more often

  • They listen to different directions in music

  • They use equipment for listening: portable worth at least 30 thousand rubles; stationary worth at least 50 thousand rubles.

  • We needed not just music lovers, but respondents who live by music and have the appropriate professional equipment.

In this request, the client may encounter the following problems:

  • Poor-quality selection of respondents, since all respondents fill out the questionnaire online, and the client does not have the opportunity to personally communicate with each participant before the study.

  • Unwillingness of respondents to participate in the study with wearing a cap and sensors.

  • Music lovers who buy expensive listening equipment are a narrow target audience that is difficult to recruit. In this case, the project could simply not be implemented, since it would not be possible to find suitable respondents.

For recruiting, we use word of mouth with paid recommendations for those who can recommend their friend or acquaintance. Paid advertising in thematic channels. Twist in shopping malls. There are more than 54 thousand respondents in our database, and it is constantly updated with the help of advertising, partner network, snowball, mobile application, advertising in telegram.

We also guarantee the client a high-quality selection of respondents, we provide on demand recordings from the oral screening of respondents. In this project, we asked all respondents for confirmation in the form of photographic equipment and confirmation of purchase.


Implementation of recruiting 10 respondents for neuroexamination, music lovers.


We recruited respondents:

  • using your own database,

  • Advertisements in telegram channels.

  • with the help of recommendations, since music lovers often have professional acquaintances,

  • Own keyword search script in the database.

  • Social networks, including professional ones, own mobile application, Push notifications

On our part, a two-level screening of respondents was performed on the record, we went to the client for a meeting before the interview, provided all the records of screenings, collected and verified confirmations from respondents, conducted remote monitoring of respondents' turnout for the study, we called respondents a day and three hours before the start of the study. After the end of the project, we organized the payment of remuneration to all respondents who took part in the research.


  • A narrow target audience- music lovers are needed who use portable equipment worth at least 30 thousand rubles for listening; stationary equipment worth at least 50 thousand rubles. Also, many reacted negatively to the fact that during the interview, respondents would be put on a cap and sensors to read data and reactions.


The project cost::40,000 rubles, with a sample of: 10 respondents.


As a result, the project was implemented on time. The client received a completely suitable audience, in which he was confident, since each respondent was verified and confirmed by him.

At the exit, the company received reliable data that can be implemented into the work and improved, which leads to a larger flow of customers.

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