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ADS and Bank Otkritie

Recruiting respondents, premium segment. Sample: 30 respondents from Moscow and Regions. Recruiting the premium segment is always accompanied by difficulties, it is not only required to find respondents with a high level of income, but also to adjust considering all quotas, in this project there were quotas: for doing business, the respondent's age, gender, income level from 150 thousand in Moscow and 120 thousand in the regions, marital status. Moreover, the respondents from each city were divided into those who are entrepreneurs and who are hired workers, as well as quotas for the availability of savings and marital status. All respondents were required to confirm their involvement in the high-income segment.

As a result, it turned out that the sample was very narrowed, since there were many criteria for one respondent, for example, the respondent must be from St. Petersburg, have a high income, be an entrepreneur, have savings and have a family. We provided the client the status of potential respondents, from which the client could independently select the most suitable respondents. The client first called each respondent and conducted a small survey to make sure that the respondent really suits them. We initially indicated a convenient time to call the respondent.

The most difficult thing was to recruit respondents in regions with a given income level and a quota for doing business.

We recruited respondents: using our own database, we invited participants from previous studies for high-income respondents who had already confirmed their affiliation with the target audience, we also asked these respondents to recommend their acquaintances, since this category of respondents is likely to have an appropriate environment, they were especially interested in recommendations of respondents from the regions, for such a recommendation we also offered a monetary reward. The next search method was to search for respondents using a popular Internet service, there was a recruitment of people who sold premium used cars, but this method was unsuccessful, people who are not familiar with the research or encountered it not by recommendations often perceive such offers as deception. We also used a job search script (we were looking for respondents with a high position and entrepreneurs), social networks and our own mobile application.

As a result, we completed the project with a good result, from a sample of all respondents throughout Central Asia, we managed to find all fully suitable respondents. The client found 4 on his own from the regions. All respondents fully met the requirements, sent confirmation and passed a preliminary telephone short interview.

As a result, the company received reliable data with which it can work and can be implemented without fear about reputation on the market.

In next complex projects, we will start testing recruiting using targeted advertising, later it will be possible to see the level of response and how effective it will be when recruiting the premium segment or consumers of rare goods and services. We will share this experience later.

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