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Topic: Research of the "Microcredits" section on the website.

Sample: 10 respondents

Difficulties of the project:

  • The small age range in quotas

  • The last loan must be no later than 2 months ago

  • At least 5 people who take loans on a regular basis (more than 4 loans). All respondents must provide a contract

  • The recruiting period is 2 days.

Recruitment methodology: The recruiting period was only two days, the target audience is not easy, for the operational recruiting of respondents for this project, we used our own database, recommendations from respondents, including paid ones, advertising in social networks. Using these methods, it was possible to recruit suitable respondents within the required time frame.

Full description of the sample: Demographics: 23-26 - 4 people, 26-40 - 4 people, 40-50 - 2 people. Gender - 50/50. A prerequisite is that you have experience of a loan in Microfinance organizations (not banks). the last time - no later than two months ago. Types of clients that are interesting: By experience • clients with a positive experience of interaction with MFOs - at least 2 people • clients with a negative experience of interaction with MFOs - at least 2 people By frequency of loans • clients who take loans from MFOs on a regular basis (more than 4 loans) - at least 5 people By selection method • Clients who, when searching for MFOs, use Internet resources (,, other MFO aggregator sites, MFO sites) - 8 people. Of these, 3 are users of • clients who do not use Internet resources when choosing and obtaining MFOs, immediately come to the MFO branch - 2 people For testing, you will need to take a loan agreement, you can electronically or otherwise confirm the fact of receiving a loan. The study is in-person in our office, lasting about an hour.

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