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Company project: Beeline

Target audience: Company clients.

Sample: 10 respondents. Research cycle.

Difficulties of the project:

  • Restriction on the gender of respondents in each category.

  • A tight age range, especially for women.

  • Restriction on the operating system of the smartphone.

  • Pay-TV users

Recruitment methodology: Recruiting respondents for usability testing, Recruiting timeline: 2 working days. Selection of respondents using a personal database of 54,000 respondents, snowball recommendations.

Full description of the sample: 5 people

  • Age 25 to 40

  • Men

  • Travel a lot for work;

  • Watching video content, using video services;

  • Smartphone, tablet users (IOS);

  • Smart TV users;

  • Pay-TV users;

  • One wants to quickly find interesting content (movies / TV series) and be able to download it to a device for viewing, for example, on an airplane.

5 people

  • Age from 30 to 40

  • Women

  • There are small children;

  • Housewives;

  • Watching video content; Smartphone users (IOS);

  • Pay-TV users;

  • Smart TV users;

  • Wants to find children's content easily and simply and at the same time choose content for the whole family to watch in the evening.

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