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The case is: pre-recruit respondents using targeted advertising.

To launch targeted advertising, we decided to pre-recruit paying subscribers of online cinemas for IVI in order to use them in future projects since practice shows that it is most difficult to find paiyng subscribers, more often respondents choose to watch movies online for free. The selection criteria were as follows (we made them based on previous projects): Men and women between the ages of 20 and 45 who use paid subscriptions to online cinemas (okko, ivy, megogo, amediateka, etc.) The city of residence is not important. The survey will take place via Skype. Reward: 1500 rubles to the card. The date and time are up for the choice. The process of using targeted advertising: The advertisement was launched in social media. Vkontakte network, since this social network is the largest in Russia and has the largest coverage. When setting up targeted advertising, the required age of the respondents was set, and the site of the IVI company was indicated in the interests section since we planned to focus more on Ivi subscribers (they are required the most on the projects of the Ivi company), but at the same time, we understood that we would also come across competitors. With these settings, ADS were shown to Vkontakte users 20-45 years old who are registered on the IVI website, which allows us to reach the most suitable target audience for our purposes. The advertisement was launched for a day. At the end of the day, we received a result of 32 users. Here are the output results: Paid IVI subscription - 18 users.

Paid subscription of Amediatek - 2 users. Paid OKKO subscription - 4 users. Paid Megogo subscription - 2 users. Users of paid subscriptions of other online cinemas - 2 users. Free subscriptions users - 4 respondents. Conclusions: In the end, we were very pleased with the results of using targeted advertising, several respondents with a paid IVI subscription were even attracted to the current remote project for IVI, in which they successfully participated. Previously, these respondents were asked for screenshots of subscriptions, which confirmed their affiliation with the target audience. About minuses: Unfortunately, targeted advertising can not be used on all projects, since the projects that require consumers of a particular product or service are most successful, and this product or service has its own group/site, or there is a community of interests, thus, it is possible to get directly to the target audience and show advertisements in a targeted manner. For example, it will be easier to find respondents who buy a certain brand of cat food, as these potential respondents can be found in the groups of this brand/website or in the community for cat owners, and it will be very hard to find respondents who are planning to take courses in marketing since there will not be a specific community/site, there will be many different options in which it will be difficult + costly to get to the desired target audience.

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