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ADS and IVI RU-recruiting of football fans with a paid subscription.

Sample: 15 people.

Difficulties of the project:

  • Restriction in the age of men.

  • availability of paid subscriptions to services.

  • distribution by championships that a person is watching, as well as by devices and services.

  • Difficult category: we needed certain channels in NTV plus.

  • Tight deadlines for the selection of a complex target audience. The project was launched on Friday morning and on Monday it was already necessary to recruit 3 people.

Recruitment methodology: After discussing with the client in more detail what should be paid attention to when selecting and what conditions the respondent should meet, we managed to select the necessary users using a paid recommendation, as well as using a third-party respondent base. Some of the respondents were selected from our database. The client went to meet the fact that he made the quotas for the quantity softer, taking into account the tight timing of the selection.

Full description of the sample:

  • All men

  • Age: 24-40:

    • 7 people: 24-30

    • 8 people: 31-40

  • All football fans who watch live streams on the internet:

    • 1 group - 5 people - most often watch broadcasts of the Russian Premier League, also watch matches of Russian clubs in the Champions League and Europa League

    • Group 2 - 6 people - most often they watch broadcasts of 1-2 European championships (England / Spain / Italy / France / Portugal / Holland), also watch matches of the Champions League / Europa League

    • Group 3 - 4 people - watch several national championships at once (Russian and at least 2 European), also watch broadcasts of the Champions League / Europa League

  • Watching broadcasts on the following devices

    • SmartTV - minimum 4 people

    • Smartphones / tablets - minimum 4 people

    • Laptop / PC - minimum 4 people

  • Services on which online broadcasts are watched:

    • At least 1 person watches football broadcasts through Yandex.Ether at least once a month

    • Okko Sport, Match Premier, NTV Plus - a paid subscription is required

      • At least 1 person subscribed to the NTV Plus football channels through the Megogo service

    • Power of TV / Telesport - free broadcasts through the site, not broadcast on TV

    • Vkontakte / Odnoklassniki, SopCast / AceStream - free broadcasts

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