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Company Project: National Agency for Financial Research.

Target audience: IT specialists and heads of IT departments. Sample: 130 experts.

Difficulties of the project:

  • The quota for each position.

  • Narrow categories of specialists

  • Large sample

  • Equal distribution by industry.

Recruitment methodology: The respondents were recruited using our own database of experts, paid recommendations, and professional recommendations, social networks (including professional ones), paid advertising. Despite the complex request and large sample, we met the project deadline using various recruiting methods. According to the respondents' answers to the questionnaire, it was clear that all fully passed respondents correspond to the target audience since only the respondent who really works in this position and field could pass the questionnaire.

Full description of the sample:

Three-week project online survey with a sample of 130 experts. ADS recruited experts who made decisions on the use of anti-virus protection in their company. TA:

  • System Administrator

  • Outsourced system administrator (freelancer)

  • Head of IT department


  • agriculture and manufacturing

  • construction and transport and communication

  • wholesale and retail trade

  • Sphere of services (real estate transactions, education, healthcare, other utilities, hotels, restaurants, etc.)   

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