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New case for the Marketing Guild. ADS and

Updated: May 26, 2021

When recruiting, it was important to exclude people who do not run a business, but use legal entities. a person for black schemes, or were forced to open an individual entrepreneur at the request of the employer. These are, as a rule, people working in the construction industry, cargo transportation, accounting services.

Problem: One of the most difficult to reach audiences is entrepreneurs, incl. small business representatives. Despite the fact that it is easy to find information about them on the Internet, it is very difficult to motivate this target audience to participate. But what if the specificity of the company implies interaction with entrepreneurs and services for them? For, we took over the complex process of recruiting and selecting quality respondents on a regular basis. Two types of respondents were required: 50% have independently opened an account for business in the last 6 months (or register a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur right now) .50 % have experience in opening an account on their own, but are not satisfied with their bank or tariff and would like to change it.

See the case on the website of the "Guild of Marketers". Link

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